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The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing® Training

      The Art of Healing® Training is a collection of metaphysical and spiritual healing methods and techniques, which include a variety of practical tools. This training helps to make the invisible world useful and understandable. Your own psychic abilities will be more awakened and activated, and you will find your own sense of spiritual direction.  

        You will learn the principles, methods, and techniques of many metaphysical modalities. Apply what you learn immediately, whether you use the techniques for yourself, or to help others. 

      All courses listed below (Core and The Art of Healing Curriculum) can be taken independently. After having demonstrated the required level of competency, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion for each course you complete.

      All courses listed below (Core and The Art of Healing Curriculum) can be taken independently. After having demonstrated the required level of competency, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion for each course you complete.



Art of Healing Curriculum:

The Meaning of Metaphysics


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Metaphysical Self-Mastery


Metaphysical Self-Mastery explores the metaphysical model of success. You will learn what it means to have Self-Acceptance, Self-Responsibility, and Respect for Free Will. All three concepts synergistically support the personal goal of being the best you. You will learn the elements of Self-Mastery:

  • accepting yourself unconditionally
  • building one's self-esteem
  • understanding what personal responsibility real is
  • treating every person with respect
  • mastering yourself by becoming complete within yourself

Upon completion, you will gain a deeper understand of metaphysical philosophies that will greatly enhance your view of yourself (self-concept) to realize our full potential as a human being and becoming complete within yourself.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Metaphysical Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving. 


This course will teach you the connection between critical thinking and human consciousness. You will learn how to handle challenges and solve problems in a logical and systematic way. Lean how to use a simple yet powerful communication tool — "Self Mediation" — to manage the differences that impair decision-making, cooperation with others, and building better relationships. Upon completion, you will learn the attributes of critical thinkers, know how to involve higher thinking and consciousness to solve problems, and manage stress by managing conflict through assertiveness and cooperativeness.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Metaphysical Communication


This course teaches you advance communications skills, including assertiveness. You will learn your dominant communication style with the MBTI Assessment Profile and the Assertiveness Profile. In addition, you will learn the important connection between your communication style and the law of attraction. Upon completion, you will have all the foundational tools necessary to communicate with confidence.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Metaphysical Healthy Relationships


Metaphysical Healthy Relationships will teach you the 10 principles to enhance any relationship. You will learn how to set healthy boundaries, understand what makes or ends a relationship. This course will help you understand the principles of communication in any relationship. Upon completion, you will know what establishes a healthy relationship with healthy boundaries. In addition you will gain the insight on how to attract healthy people into your life.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Focused Attention and Meditation


Focused Attention and Meditation is the art and act of thinking deeply. In this course, you will learn to connect with your Higher Self, increase happiness, develop intuition, reduces stress, and create a relax state that promotes healing. Learn the physical and psychological benefits of meditation. Upon completion, you will know how to use focused attention and meditation to bring about a true personal transformation.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Guided Imagery and Visualization


Guided imagery and Visualization has been increasingly established by research findings that demonstrate its positive impact on health, creativity and performance. You will learn the gentle but powerful techniques that focuses and directs the imagination. Learn how to integrate all your senses, emotions, for improved health, creativity and performance. Upon completion, you will use guided imagery and visualization to handle any obstacle, obtain insight to solve challenges, and increase confidence

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils


This course teaches the historical pleasure and powerful therapeutic effects of Aromatherapy & Essential Oils. These ancient healing tools work in two way: through the body’s chemistry (via absorption by the skin) and through mental and emotional healing (via aromatherapy air/scent) effects. You will learn the medicine chest of key powerful healing oils, and the associated body area and charkas. Upon completion, you will have the knowledge to use Aromatherapy & Essential Oils to improve mental and emotional healing.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Chakra Therapy


Special aspects of human awareness. This course will help you understand the connection between chakras and body-mind-spirit. You will learn the seven charka centers, and the association of foods, sounds, key gemstones/crystals, astrology signs. You will learn the process of opening your chakras and a visualization exercise to identify your dominant Chakra. Upon completion, you will know the physical areas and glands of each energy center, and mental-emotional strengths/blocks of each energy center. You will also know the primary influence of each energy center, its color, element, location/position, the objective of the charka, and much more.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Aura Therapy


The human energy field is made up of seven layers, which project outwards from the human body at various distances. In this course, you will learn what each layer is made up of, and how they relate to the emotional, spiritual and physical state or condition of a person. Upon completion, you will what to do prior to treatment, how to balance the aura, treating low energy.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Crystal Vibrational Healing


This course teaches you which therapeutic gemstone can remedy unwanted conditions and support personal growth. You will learn the traditional healing use of gemstones for helping resolve common conditions, ailments, and illnesses. Upon completion, you will be able to make treatment decisions based on what gemstones enhance well-being and help you achieve specific desires and life goals. .

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Herbal Therapy


This course teaches you about the active ingredients in today's medications that are either derived or are similar to plant medicines. You will learn the benefits of Herbs and understand the labeling and regulations around herbs. Upon completion, you will know the most common herbs used in Herbal Therapy and the conditions they treat.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Psychic Development


Coming Soon!

Develop your intuition and learn to sense the subtle energy patterns

Advanced Clairvoyant Techniques


Coming Soon!

Learn advanced clairvoyant techniques for your own personal growth and transformation

Universal Law #1: Law of Attraction


This course reviews the first Universal Law: The Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction is how we get what we want! Learn the process of how your thoughts attract positive or negative experiences into your life. Understand the “Energy Signature” you send out, and how like energy attracts more like energy. Gain a renewed sense of self and learn how to awaken your natural capabilities in attracting what you want. Included in this course are powerfully methods and techniques for self-discovery and growth. Upon completion, you will be able to validate emotions, increase sensory perceptions, restore natural thinking, and improve decision-making skills for knowing yourself and others better.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Universal Law #2: Law of Intention


This course reviews the second Universal Law: The Law of Intention. Law of Intention is the manifestation of thoughts that are held with purposeful intention. Learn how visualization, emotions, and thoughts manifest through actions. Without actions to support our thoughts and emotions, our desires will have a hard time manifesting into our lives. Learn how to maintain focus and intention in order to experience our desires. Upon completion, you will more aware of your spiritual powers and the affects on how fast we can manifest your thoughts. Understanding and using both the Law of Attraction and Law of Intention, you can manifest a new paradigm that is more harmonious than the one we are currently in.

Prerequisite: Universal Law #1: Law of Attraction.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Universal Law #3: Law of Allowance


This course reviews the first Natural Law: Universal Law of Allowance. Law of Allowance basically allows the desired experience to manifest through thoughts, words, and deeds. Gain insight on how to hold your desired experience with emotions, envisioning, and allowing. Learn how doubt is one the major obstacles in the Law of Allowance. Upon completion, you will discuss faith in something that we cannot see, and allow it to manifest, learn to block external influences, and letting go of beliefs and limiting thinking.

Prerequisite: Universal Law #2: Law of Intention.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Universal Law #4: Law of Balance


This course reviews the fourth Natural Law: Law of Balance. Law of Balance is obtained when the necessary interaction between the first, second and third laws are accomplished in a harmonious way. Using them for the greater good for humanity, we can change our current destructive path to a path of prosperity. Upon completion, you will become more aware, realize that we are all the same, understand and live in harmony with these universal laws. By understanding these laws, you will also have a better understanding of who we are at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Prerequisite: Universal Law #3: Law of Allowance.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Transformational Coaching


Transpersonal Coaching involves integrating our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual nature. This course teaches our own proprietary transformational coaching using the Life Esteem Circle of Wellness and the Life Esteem Transformational Coaching Method. You will learn the theory of behavior, numerous techniques including screening clients, building rapport, session planning, and coaching clients on a variety of life, relationship, and spiritual issues including attaining goals, creating action plans, and much more. Other tools are also explored including MBTI Assessment Profile to assess communication style, NLP Meta Model to help a client get to the root cause of a problem. In addition, you will also receive several forms such as a discovery questionnaire, client coaching agreement, client profile, and progress form, and other tools that you can customize and use. Upon completion, you will have the tools necessary to offer effective transpersonal coaching to others within the context of metaphysical consciousness. These skills are essential for students who desire to offer life coaching either as a primary practice or in conjunction with their existing practice or a metaphysical ministry. Students who complete this course will receive their Certified Transpersonal Coaching designation upon completion.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf

Bioenergy Healing - Fundamentals


Bioenergy Healing is a specialized energy healing modality that uses the life sustaining energy of the Universe, sometimes called Prana, Chi, Qi, biofield, universal energy, among many other names. It is a non-invasive way of balancing your body's energy system to promote rapid healing. The Bioenergy method adjusts and balances the biofield (energy body) to restore wellness on all levels- energetic, emotional, and physical. Bioenergy focuses on boosting the immune system, spreading information of optimum performance to all cells, and enables the body to heal itself. Bioenergy Healing - Fundamentals provide knowledgebase, and unique insights on various aspects of healing preparation, energy concepts, and techniques. In addition, student practitioners are taught healing protocols for a variety of conditions. Students who complete this course will receive their Certified Bioenergy Healing Fundamentals designation upon completion.

Prerequisite: None.

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf & Tom Chargualaf

Bioenergy Healing - Advanced


Advanced Bioenergy Healing is aimed at restoring the body’s optimum energy flow by discovering and releasing mental and emotional blocks that often hinder the body’s natural way of healing itself.

Learn how stress, physical and emotional trauma, our environment, and thoughts create imbalances in our biofield (energy body). Learn about the body’s specific energy signature. Practitioner will learn specific protocols to direct healthy bioenergy to the client's biofield and physical body. Learn how to act as facilitators working within the biofield, so that the client’s body may heal itself. Bioenergy Healing Level II - Advanced provide practical skills for handling clients, scheduling, payments, and unique insights on various aspects of legal protocols, business practices, and non-disclosures. In addition, student practitioners are taught advanced techniques for conducting healing sessions at a distance, and client protocols. Students who complete this course will receive their Certified Bioenergy Healing Practitioner designation upon completion.

Prerequisite: Transformational Coaching (AoH.C1) and Bioenergy Healing - Fundamentals (AoH.H1)

Instructor: Dr. Cathy Chargualaf & Tom Chargualaf

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