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The Art of Healing


        Dr. Chargualaf is a Metaphysical Counselor, Teacher, Intuitive Energy Healer, author, and owner and founder of the Institute of Natural Healing, Life Esteem and the Life Esteem Wellness Center in Southern California. She received her PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, with a specialization in Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Coaching. She also has a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, attained certifications in a variety of metaphysical modalities, and worked with Anaheim’s Community Services Program as a California State Certified Counselor.  Dr. Chargualaf combines over two decades of metaphysical training, and accelerating human performance.

          Dr. Chargualaf helps you release issues that are holding you back, enabling you to manifest the life you want. She provides spiritual counseling, transformational coaching, and practical life skills to awaken a meaningful life and existence. Sessions are by appointment only, and are available in-person, via Skype, or via telephone.

          Her extensive experience and compassionate approach will help you go deeper in uncovering your inner wisdom, and connecting to your higher power.

      A mentoring/coaching session with Dr. Chargualaf enables you to gain revealing insights into unresolved issues and hidden motivations that may be keeping you from living a full and joyful life. 




Support Services

Metaphysical Counseling & 

Transformational Life Coaching

  • Develop intuition & awaken your inner wisdom 
  • Gain insight into unresolved issues 
  • Find your way back to who you truly are 
  • Build personal resilience 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Learn to be courageous in being you 
  • Establish healthy relationships 
  • Feel more at peace and well-being 
  • Shed unwanted thoughts and behaviors
  • Enhance focus, memory, and learning 
  • Learn metaphysical methods and techniques 

Mindfulness & Meditation

  • HeartMath Heart Focused Techniques 
  • Discover Your Potential
  • Gain Inner Wisdom
  • Rejuvenate your Feeling of Vitality

Art of Healing® Training

  • Metaphysical Principles
  • Metaphysical Methods and Techniques
  • Spiritual Healing Methods and Techniques
  • Earn "The Art of Healing Practitioner" Certification

Intuitive Energy Healing

  • Promote natural healing
  • Experience the benefits of Bioenergy Therapy
  • Increase a feeling of well being
  • Jumpstart the Immune System
  • Improve mentally, physically, and spiritually

Guided Imagery or Hypnotherapy

  • Create the life you want
  • Create a scare place for reconnecting
  • Improve learning ability & memory
  • Change limiting beliefs and negative thoughts
  • Renew your well-being with medical hypnosis



New Book by Cathy Chargualaf

Finding My Way Home, to Who I Really Am

by Cathy Chargualaf

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I still dealing with the same issue?” Have you ever said to yourself, “I thought I resolved that issue? I did so much work, and it still haunts me. What else must I do to release this and get on with living my life?” Have you found yourself searching for the right book, affirmation, or seminar that would break the code and free you of your emotional burden? Through self-discovery, you can change your life forever.

This book will step you through the process of rediscovering yourself and make meaningful change. This is a journey of courage, self-awareness, and personal growth that will affect you on all levels-emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and any other level that you might have in your focus.

Each chapter takes you through the process of revealing what has been, is now, and can be. Realign your thoughts and feelings for a happier life. You will learn how to shed unwanted thoughts and behaviors, and design a future that allows you joy. Focus on life in a healthier way, not being what others want you to be.

Client Testimonials:

"When your struggling and searching for a solution to either personal or professional concerns and/or issues and don't know where to turn? Do you have special abilities like premonition, empath or sense things but don't know why or how to harness them? Are you searching to find the answers to what your purpose in life is? Cathy Chargualaf is my go to gal. She provides life coaching for personal and professional matters. She helps you get to the root of whatever is causing you concern or illness. I have too many experiences to mention in detail, but know that she has helped me to understand and deal with life in general. I am an empath amongst other abilities which can be crippling sometimes especially if you do not understand why, what or how to deal. Cathy provides the clarity to help you understand and teaches you how to embrace while functioning in a world that does not understand or accept these abilities. I highly recommend you check out her website for additional information and contact Cathy for any of these services."

"Thank you for always being available for me. The support and healing that you have provided for me is a true gift. Lots of love to you!"

"I truly believe that because of your natural talents and abilities you have touched my life in a way that has made me a better and happier person. I know that you have provided this experience to many people."

"It was a remarkable class with a remarkable lady. She was truly sincere and concerned about our lives. She help us get in touch with our purpose in life."

"I learned to be positive, be optimistic, and to be ready to grasp opportunities."

"It gives people that resilience that ability to bonus back, to stay productive, and to stay centered."